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Sitting at the kitchen table five years ago, I heard a sudden crash. The kind that makes your stomach immediately drop. I just knew: This can’t be good.

I followed the sound of the crash only to discover that the tropical storm outside had decided to make its way inside, too. Both the kitchen and laundry ceilings of my house had completely caved in and water was pouring onto the floor!  

I had no idea who to call. I scrambled to put trash bags over the gaping holes. When I finally reached a local roofing company, they sloppily laid cheap tarping over the roof. I spent hours and weeks of my time filing and tracking my insurance claim, only to have it denied. I paid out of pocket and spent the next four years battling the court while asking myself, “Is this really the way it has to be?”

I quickly fell in love with helping homeowners and have been working in the insurance defense field for many years. I’ve started and grown several businesses and I can say without a doubt that one of my most rewarding moments came from founding Tarp Techs in 2020.  

At Tarp Techs, our team gets to help take the burden off of homeowners -who are already going through so much stress- and handle all of their tarping needs during roofing disasters and throughout the entire claims process. We use roof- and inspection-friendly materials (no nails here!), high-end tarps, and never take a check from a homeowner. We’re available for rapid response and will stay with the homeowner for the life of the claim. 

If you’re a homeowner or working with homeowners during these trying times, please consider Tarp Techs your go-to resource.


Jesse Dent

Chief Operating Officer